Sunday, May 7, 2017

NaMoPaiMo in the showring

Two NaMoPaiMo horses made their live show debuts at the Willow Tree Live.
I'm not sure how Fabian's Fjord fared, but my Aggie placed third... in a class of three. Oh well. You can't win them all.
Or maybe you can! Kristen Cermele's Benicio resin won two blues at Butterflies and Bellboots.
Other recent debuts included Beth Kingdon's pony...
and Sondra Householder's RD Sanguine. Both these little horses placed second in big breed classes containing models of all scales.
Lynn Cassels-Caldwell's NaMoPaiMo horse also won a red ribbon, but he's a Canadian, so that's first place not second.
Fadjeyn's winnings at Toronto Live included second place in Custom Arabian, first place Novice Costume and Champion Novice Performance. Congratulations, Lynn!
Despite the word "National" in its name, NaMoPaiMo was truly an international event. Here's Sarja von Seefeld's angry pony showing at the Liveshow Franken-Pfeffi-United in (I think!) Germany.
Ondřej Moučka's pony "Kerswell Harlequin" placed second in his class at Moravia Live. Google has failed me, and I'm not sure where this show was held. However, I do know that Ondřej lives in the Czech Republic.
Last but certainly not least, is Claire Goss's Walking Dead scene class entry. Claire hails from England, so that blue ribbon signifies second place. 
Congratulations again to all the NaMoPaiMo painters. It doesn't matter if your ribbons are red or blue, you're all winners to me!

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  1. It's so good to see these ponies out and about! I so wish live shows were a thing in Portugal. Maybe someday...