Monday, May 1, 2017


About a year ago, Linda bred Mahaganaska to Awesome Knight. This pairing has produced a number of nice foals, including Kenlyn Gold Standard and Kenlyn Tesla. However, this time Mahaganska failed to settle... at least that's what the vet said when he did a pregnancy check.
Mahaganaska doesn't listen to vets.
This beautiful black colt was standing by her side this morning.
He is big and strong... 
and already has a great sense of humor. 
I love him. 
Good job, Mahaganaska! 
One of the other mares who was deemed "not pregnant" is waxed up and showing signs of impending motherhood. Expect another surprise tomorrow!


  1. I might be time for a new vet!

  2. Oh my gosh, he's just beautiful. I love his white face.

  3. Jennifer:
    Here's a question for ya! Both of his parents have minimum white markings---so *where* is he(and his siblings!) getting them from?? Does the family line have sabino in it?? From what ALL PEDIGREE says--the family line is mostly Polish?? (I thought just the Egyptians had the crazy colors!)
    The foal is *adorable* tho! With all that white, he looks like he's dressed in a tuxedo!! Maybe they'll name him "Tennessee Tuxedo" after the cartoon character?! Or Oreo?? Po?? (after "kung fu panda?")
    OK! I'll stop now!

    1. In a truth is stranger than fiction plot twist, it turns out that this baby's parents are actually Kenlyn Psyclone x Fortunataa+. Psyclone has a little bit of chrome and Fortunataa is grey. The baby will also be grey.

  4. My mare stole a newborn calf from its mother. Farm owner came up from the fields to see what the animals were doing and found, baby calf on ground, my mare keeping mom away from calf, other farm animals circling around outer perimeter. What a mess.