Thursday, May 25, 2017

USET Fundraiser

Recently, Breyer unveiled a new program aimed at encouraging hobbyists to raise funds for the United States Equestrian Team. Kim Haymond of Tabletop Studios accepted the challenge. In today's guest post, she describes the roll of the USET Foundation, as well as some of the lesser known disciplines which it supports. Thank you, Kim, and good luck in your fundraising efforts!

Supporting the USET

by Kim Haymond

Have you ever wondered about how the US Olympic equestrian teams are supported?  Since 1950, it’s been thanks to the United States Equestrian Team Foundation!  USET is the international equestrian competition team for the United States, and the Foundation supports the horses and competitors.   It’s more than just the Olympics, though, and the team is bigger than just the Olympic disciplines.  
Teams for international competitions in dressage, driving, endurance, eventing, reining, show jumping, para-equestrian, and vaulting are all supported by USET.  The Olympic disciplines of show jumping, dressage, and eventing are the best known, but the competitors in all the other disciplines are just as talented, dedicated, and performing at the same high level.   Along with the Olympics, these competitions include the World Championships, Pan American Games, World Equestrian Games, Badminton, Spruce Meadows and Rolex along with many more.  
Rolex Kentucky Three Day Event 2017, photo by Heather Malone
Combined driving is the driving version of eventing, bringing together a dressage test, a marathon course, testing stamina and endurance through hazards, and an obstacle driving course that tests agility and precision.
In endurance riding, a horse and rider traverse a cross-country course that is 50 to 100-miles long within a 24 hour period.  While competition tests the fitness and stamina of the pair, there are regular and required vet checks and holds throughout the competition to ensure the safety of the horses.
Dom Turner and friends competing in the 2017 Blackwater Swamp Stomp, photo by Mike Turner
Reining is a Western discipline and one of the fastest growing disciplines with international competitions. The horses perform a prescribed judged pattern in an arena that includes movements such as sliding stops, 360-degree spins, and roll-backs.  
Vaulting is a discipline with ancient roots, originating with acrobatic displays in Roman games and continuing to develop through the Middle Ages and Renaissance.  Developed in postwar Germany, modern vaulting involves an individual or team performing a gymnastic routine on the back of a horse that is cantering a circle on a longe line.  This is also a judged competition that rewards strength and flexibility combined with artistic expression.
Want to help support some of the world’s best equine athletes and their partners?  USET is conducting a fundraiser now and can use your help!  You can support USET by making a donation here.
Donations to USET will help with the training, coaching, and competition expenses for these talented athletes, and support the next generation of top equestrians.  To say ‘thank you’ to everyone who donates through our page, we are offering prize giveaways for all donors! Please visit our Facebook page for more details!
Good luck, Kim. I hope you raise lots of money for the USET and win the prize model!

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