Thursday, January 30, 2014

Goal met

Ok, they're not all done.  They still need a little bit of clean up and shaping, not to mention stirrups and leathers and girths.  Still, it's obvious that I've met my monthly quota.
Woo hoo!  I get to spend the rest of the day making something for myself!


  1. I'm back home to my real tackshop! I can understand how you feel... What do you consider 'something for yourself?'

  2. You sound like one of those people who counts out something like candies or whatever and says "one for you, two for me. One for you, three for me." In this case, it was the other way around. "Two for you, one for me." Lol. Congrats on making your quota. They look nice.

    1. LOL, I remember a Christmas commercial like that, years ago! Very funny!

  3. Oooh!! Those look fantastic!! :D Way to go Jenn!

  4. How much do you charge for a saddle?