Thursday, January 16, 2014

Longhopes Donkey Shelter

One of my barn buddies, Kelly, works part time at the Longhopes Donkey Shelter in Bennett, Colorado.  Yesterday, she took a small group of us to meet the donkeys.
We headed down Jackass Blvd...
to the first pasture of donkeys.   
We were met at the gate by some of the friendlier members of the herd. 
These donkeys were so sweet...
 and so cuddly!
We couldn't stop hugging them. 
Standing in line for the hugs. 
We slowly worked our way around the property visiting most of Longhopes' fifty three donkeys. 
 Have you ever seen anything this cute? 
 We wanted to pick her and take her home with us!
Although most of our attention was focused on the donkeys...
we couldn't help but notice what a wonderful facility this is.  This is not a shoestring operation.  Everything was beautiful and extremely well maintained.
I don't think I've ever seen a tack room this clean and organized.
Even the barn kitty was pretty!
The donkeys who live here must feel as if they've died and gone to heaven.  There are graham crackers for the older donkeys who can't handle hard treats...
 and each pasture has its own toy box.
After we'd met the donkeys, we headed over to the Visitor Center.
We were all eager to support the rescue by spending money in the gift shop.
The offerings were plentiful... 
Donkey Dancers, anyone? 
Kristina bought a shirt...
and I bought my first Schleich. 
 This was such a fun day.
I can't wait to go back and visit the Longhopes donkeys again!



  2. blog regularly features donkey pictures. She's got 3 (2 are BLM burros), plus a horse, adorable dog, and a not so feral barn cat.

    Donkeys are to darn cute. Thanks for the pictures.

  3. Oh, wow, absolute cute overload! How could you stand to leave? and that tackroom.. is cleaner than my house! Now I have to go to eBay and look for donkey stuff!

  4. DEFINITELY cute overload!! Ever since reading the Marguerite Henry book, "Brighty of the Grand Canyon," I have had a soft spot for donkeys. I don't know much about them and have never gotten to spend much time with them, but I do think they are adorable and I'd love to have one as a pet on my dream farm. How fun that this rescue is near to you!

    1. I *loved* "Brighty of the Grand Canyon." It was probably my second favorite Marguerite Henry books after A Pictorial Life Story of Misty. Like you, I've always had a soft spot for donkeys, but I've never spent an entire day with one, let alone with fifty three of them. It was so awesome.

      Kelly had told us on the way out that donkeys don't do drama. They have much less of a startle reflex than horses, and that was quite obvious after just a few minutes in the pasture. The donkeys were all so chill. Nothing worried them, and they really did seem to like all the hugging. If I had a barn in my backyard, I'd definitely have a donkey! Hanging out with them is therapeutic.

  5. Epic cutness overload. Squeeee! I also love how organized it is.

  6. AAHHH! That wittle brown donkey was so freakin' fluffy and cute!

  7. I can`t stop looking at these cuddly donkeys - I love them and would have enjoyed to be there at "donkey paradise" with you.

    Best wishes,

    Doreen from Germany

  8. OMG... you had such a better day than I did... JEALOUS!

  9. Donkeys are my favorite animals. EVER. (Sorry ponies, the big ears and cuddly nature of donkeys just drives me over the cuteness factor!)

    Thank you for sharing all these adorable pictures! That little Scheich donkey you got is cute, too. I don't have many Scheichs but I do have a little donkey named Kuchen. (Means "cake" in German)

    Oh, and that white-ish donkey in one of the pictures (next to the "infirmary" sign) looks like he's wearing big goggles to me. :)

  10. Gah, that looks like such a nice place!
    I met some lovely rescue donks on holiday a year or so ago. They'd been saved from the meat market in France and brought over to the UK where they now spend their time getting fat and being fussed over. :D

  11. Hello!
    I've been a long-time watcher of your blog and I've always loved seeing all the pictures you take. And your tack is wonderful!
    Ever since I saw this post, I've also begun to love donkeys.
    I'll get right to the point- I've made a "breed" of donkeys, and I was wondering if I could use some of the pictures above as stock?
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    The donkey breed I'm in the process of making can be found here:

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