Friday, January 24, 2014

Model donkeys

I have been a donkey fan ever since the first time I read Brighty of the Grand Canyon.  Not surprisingly, there are a number of model donkeys in my collection.  The oldest are Breyer's Brighty and his longtime sidekick, Ichabod.  I've owned this pair for more than thirty years!
Bitsy Brayer is a North Light donkey foal...
and Hattie is a Hagen Renaker donkey foal.  I think both of these babies need mamas!
Bitesize is a customized Breyer companion donkey.  He was one of my favorite performance models when I returned to live showing.  Unfortunately, time has not been kind.  You can't see it in this photo, but he has a fair amount of paint damage and really needs a new coat of paint.
Moving on to resins,  this is Gimme S'more.  He is a Sarah Minkiewicz Breunig Brownie resin and one of my most successful show models.  He won a Top Ten for his first owner at NAN 2009 and was Reserve National Champion for me in 2011.
This pretty jenny is a Michelle Belisle-Locke Cricket resin that was also painted by Michelle.  Her name is MN Bonnie.
Last--and perhaps least--is this stripped and slightly customized HA Jonathan resin by Renate Van Der Graaff.  He's been hanging out on my nekkid resin shelf for years.  Maybe someday he'll actually get finished...
I would love to adopt a donkey from the Longhopes Donkey Shelter someday, but until that's possible, I'll have to be content with the plastic, resin and china donkeys on my shelf.


  1. When I saw Ichabod and Brighty when I opened my Internet browser...*SQUEE*

    Hurray for model donkeys! I've only got three but I hope to expand my miniature army. MN Bonnie and Ichabod are probably my favorites of yours. :)

  2. They are all adorable. Love the first ones, especially.

  3. ADORABLE!! Their all soooooooooo cute!! <3

    Did you know Tiff is selling Rat Poison? :( Wish I had an extra $800! lol