Friday, January 3, 2014

Paddock boots

For the last fifteen plus years, I've been riding in an old pair of zip up Grand Prix paddock boots.  I love these boots, but they are literally falling apart.  
I asked Santa Seth to give me a new pair for Christmas, and he did--hurray!
The new boots arrived yesterday and went on their inaugural ride this morning.  Here's hoping they serve me as well as their predecessors!
About a year ago, I traded a saddle set for two custom dolls by Anne Field.  I specifically asked Anne to leave the boots off, because I like to make them myself.  She agreed, and the dolls arrived with bare feet.  The sidesaddle doll got her boots back in August, but until today, the poor junior rider was barefoot.

No more!  She's now sporting a new pair of zip up paddock boots that look suspiciously like my new Ariats.  Funny how that works!
It feels good to have finally crossed this project off my to-do list.  
2014 is only three days old, but I've already accomplished more in the studio this year than I did in the entire month of December last year.  Hurray for the Year of the Horse!


  1. I love those boots! I have a pair myself, but unfortunately they only seem to get used once a year. I need to go riding more!

  2. Yay boots! You are welcome to make your own doll boots any time you want. I don't actually like making dolls boots.

  3. I ride in paddock boots, too. I'm still growing so I can't fit in tall boots yet. For now it's paddock boots and half chaps ;)

    1. It's been more than 20 years since I've ridden in tall boots, and I don't miss them one bit. I'd much rather ride in paddock boots and half chaps!

  4. I bought new paddock boots from Dover two years ago, and they sent me two right-foot boots! From different makes, no less! I called them and the customer service gal and I had a good laugh over it, and Dover sent me a new pair right away. I still smile about that. Enjoy your new ones!

  5. I've never ridden in tall boots. When I was in college I had ordered a pair for my equitation class and the day before they came in...literally the day before...I fell off my horse and broke my arm. Around here if you don't have your own horse you ride western and tall boots aren't for western riding. Congrats on the new boots and that's awesome you made a pair for your junior rider.