Friday, January 10, 2014

Tiffany's harness

Tiffany is sneaky.

She knows I don't like making harnesses, so instead of ordering a harness, she asked if I would make a presentation set for her Dutch Harness horse, Leeuvonhoek.  As soon as I agreed, she asked if I could include a breastcollar.  I said, "So basically, you're asking for a harness."

"Not a full harness," she countered.  "I don't need the breeching."

Um hmm.  I see how you are.  

I made the harness and she took it to NAN, where it won a Top Ten in the Other Performance class...
and a Reserve Champion in the Harness class.
I thought that would be the end of it, but that's not how Tiffany works.  That harness that's not a harness now requires breeching.

Um hmm.  I see how you are.

Fortunately, breeching is probably the least time consuming part of a harness.  In this case, the only really tricky part was the patent leather lining.  Although I have a nice big piece of garment weight patent leather, it's much too thick to use as is.  My entire morning was spent carefully skiving this one piece of leather...
to a near paper-thin consistency.
It's a tedious, painstaking, messy job, but I got it done on the first try.  Woo hoo! 
Here's the finished breeching. 
I'll ship this with the harness bells on Monday, and then Tiffany's so-called presentation set will be a full five piece harness.

Um hmm.  I see how you are.