Saturday, January 4, 2014

Fun with tack

The only thing that's prettier than a perfectly turned out hunter is a perfectly turned out hunter pony.  I have a number of these ponies in my collection, and now that my pony rider is fully dressed, I just had to get a couple of them out to play a little dress-up.

This is Tickled Pink.  He is a Comet resin sculpted, customized and painted by Sheila Bishop. 
And this Honeyson Fellow.  He's a Breyer Flash customized and painted by Cindy Evans.
Yay!  It's so nice to see my ponies all dressed up and ready to show.  Thanks again, Anne, for my old/new pony rider doll.  She's going to be a very busy girl come show season!


  1. Even rebuilt youth dolls are sometimes hard to use. But when you get it right they are so cute! Love your ponies! (the above comment was deleted because I didn't check my spelling)

  2. Where did you get the rider and show clothes

  3. Anne Field/Field of Dolls Studio customized and dressed the doll.