Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Little love affairs

Since I no longer have to clean the house, I have time to write another post.  Hurray!

Every time I attend a horse event, I know I'm going to fall in love at least once or twice.  These little love affairs are as passionate as they are brief and usually result in a whole slew of photographic mementos.  Here's a look at the two horses who captured my heart at the recent Summer in the Rockies Hunter/Jumper Show at the Colorado Horse Park in Parker, Colorado.

The first is a pony jumper named Fire Storm Ninetysix.
This medium pony hits all my buttons.  He's a super cute chestnut pinto...
with a big jump, 
lots of speed, 
and attitude to spare! 
He's also a winner, finishing more than ten seconds ahead of the nearest competitor in the .85 Meter Jumper class.  Go pony!
The next horse to catch my eye was a gelding named My Guy.  My first thought when he walked past me was, "Wow, that's a big white horse!"
Then I looked again and realized that only his hair was white.   
His skin was decidedly pinto.
Can you see the spots? 
Unlike Fire Storm, My Guy didn't win his class.  Instead, he turned in a respectable, mid-pack round that really seemed to please his owner.  
What a nice horse and rider combination! 
Rev may be my main squeeze, but there's always room in my heart for another horse or two.  I enjoyed "meeting" Fire Storm and My Guy and am already looking forward to my next little love affair.


  1. I can see why they turned your head :)

  2. I also admired a flaxen chestnut with lots of chrome that was showing in the Big Eq classes. On another day, he might have topped my list, but this time I was all about the spotted jumpers!


  3. I like My Guy, he is neat!
    Nice also to see a horse in a jumping class with just a snaffle and no martingale. No spurs either, very refreshing!

  4. What a cool pinto! He would look really cool in model form, although I suspect it would be difficult to paint.