Sunday, July 14, 2013

The divine Miss Lake

As long time readers know, my childhood hero was the 1978 Triple Crown winner, Affirmed.
I loved Affirmed with a fierce, unwavering passion that lingers even today, so I was absolutely delighted to discover one of his granddaughters among the entries of the sixth race at Arapahoe Park this past Friday.
As soon as I set eyes on her, I knew this had to be Miss Lake.
She may be a five thousand dollar claiming horse in Colorado, but she looks like her famous grandsire.  Same color, same markings, 
and such a pretty face!
She also appeared to have his sweet heart temperament. 
If I hadn't been in love with her already, this would have sealed the deal.  
What a cuddle bug! 
I watched her load into the gate...
 and then ran down the track so I could watch the break.
 She came out of the gate flying...
and led the pack as they ran around the turn and disappeared from view. 
I caught sight of her again as they reached the far turn.  She was running third... 
and held that position through the turn and into the stretch.  Briefly, I wished I had bet her to show rather than place...
but then she made her move! 
I cheered like a nine year old as she swept across the finish in second place.
It may not have a classic performance, but I was utterly delighted nonetheless.
As soon as the race was over James was eager to collect our winnings ($8.20, woo hoo!).  I made him wait, though.  I wasn't quite ready to say goodbye to this pretty chestnut mare.
Miss Lake was the best part of a very good day.  I am so glad I got to "meet" her.

P.S.  I can afford a five thousand dollar race horse, right?


  1. How special this was that you got to see her run!

  2. I'm not sure there are a lot of people who'd consider Miss Lake "special," but she certainly is to me. I was very happy to see her run and run well, and I'm only kind of kidding about wanting to be her next owner!

  3. What a sweet horse=)
    // Jennie W

  4. The meet ends August 18, and if they need to unload her at that point you could very well get a deal. You might call the Colorado chapter of CANTER and see if they could help you express your interest to the connections.

  5. How funny, as soon as you said she's a $5000 claimer I thought "well that's not that expensive". :)

  6. I agree with Andrea that you might be able to buy her for a good price at the end of the meet. Get in touch with a rescue group and see if they can help facilitate!

  7. You people are a bunch of enablers! It's very, very tempting to pursue this, but the finances are a bit daunting plus I'm pretty sure Purdy would kill me!


  8. OOOOOH, she's gorgeous!!! I am so glad you got to see her. I know exactly how excited you were, too, because I get worked up at the track over anything with Big Red in the pedigree, even though it's been enough years that he's usually 4th generation now. :-( Glad your girl ran exactly right for you, too!

    Everybody chant with me: "En-a-bil-ing, en-a-bil-ing..." (And of course I will have to come ride her, LOL)

  9. P.S. She REALLY has a pretty face, love it! (Shhhh, don't tell Rev or his feelings will be hurt)