Saturday, July 20, 2013

The other horse park

It's true.  I didn't get to go to the Kentucky Horse Park today.
I did, however, spend a pleasant morning at the Colorado Horse Park...
watching hunters,
and equitation horses. 
I'd have rather been at Breyerfest, but as a second choice, this wasn't too bad!


  1. I havent go to breyerfest too

  2. Those are some amazing photos Jennifer!
    For me I just got on a un-broke horse and searched like crazy for a CC Shufle model to trade for. :)

    There should be a blog, "What did YOU do staying home from BF?" LOL.

  3. Ha! This was my "WhatI did while staying home from Breyerfest" blog post!


    I would love to have the grey braided CC Shuffle Roxy. The others are nice, too, but that's the one I'd covet the most(and would generously trade tack for!).

  4. I was recovering from a trip to Africa on this date. ;-)