Wednesday, July 24, 2013


I had to drive all the way to Estes Park, but I got to have lunch with Erin Corbett!


  1. I love Estes! Going there in September for a few days with my boyfriend and his family.

    Glad you got to meet up with Erin at least for a little bit!

  2. I love Estes Park, too. It's about an hour and forty five minutes from my house, so I don't get up there very often, but every single time I have so much fun! The only thing wrong with today's visit is that it wasn't long enough!


  3. And I live there and missed you both! Dangit!!

  4. We've discussed how much you suck already ;)

    And I have lived in CO for 13 yrs now and have never gone to Estes.