Saturday, July 13, 2013

A day at the races

Yesterday my friend Tracey and I took our kids to Arapahoe Park for a full day...
of Quarter Horse... 
and Thoroughbred racing. 
I was feeling flush with the proceeds of my mistake bridle, so I told Ryan and James we would bet on each race and divide any potential profit three ways.  The kids liked the sound of that, so they were a little unhappy when my first selection, Thievingwitch, failed to hit the board.
James took over the choosing process for the next race... 
but was unable to decide between Martini Ridge... 
and Jaydes' Sweet Sea. 
We decided to bet them both! 
At the top of the stretch, it looked like Jaydes' Sweet Pea had a chance. 
Unfortunately, she ran out of gas before she ran out of track... 
and ended up finishing out of the money. 
James was sad. 
Our next can't-miss choice was DS Blazen Earl.
It turned out he could miss.   
And so could I've Been There, Kathleen's Touch and every single horse Tracey bet on.  When the last race rolled around, Ryan decided he better do the choosing since it was obvious nobody else could pick a winner.  He went with Lucky Twist, partly because we need luck and partly because his dam was named for a Pokemon (Blastoise). 
Sadly, Lucky Twist was no luckier than our other choices. 
In fact, in a whole day's worth of betting only one of "our" horses managed to deliver a payout.  
No matter!  It was a beautiful day... 
spent with good kids... 
and a good friend. 
There may not have been any profits to share, but we were all winners nonetheless!


  1. The name of the first horse, Thievingwitch, should have been a premonition of how the betting would go! haha
    But the main thing is that you all had a good/fun day!

  2. I love your pictures of all the race horses, I'm a total Thoroughbred nut!

  3. Great post! Love the photos.

    TVG Horse Racing Channel