Thursday, April 4, 2013

Spring piggies

It's the return of Basil's Barn!

Today's inductees are Ginger...
and Sandy.
They belong to Devon Comstock and are shown modelling a saddle made by Devon herself. 
Ride 'em cowboy!
Thanks so much for sharing your piggies with us, Devon.  They are adorable!


  1. Ginger and Sandy are very sweet and Devon should start taking tack orders soon!

  2. Those are some adorable little piggies!! Nice tack too.

  3. They're so cute and nice tack! Even though we can't have real life model sized horses, furry friends take up the place nice! :)

  4. Oh, way to outshine Mr. Barney, Devon, with your OWN saddle and even a rider! :-) Seriously, your pigsters are adorable and obviously as well-behaved as my little man. It's funny how saddles fit so nicely right behind their withers, right? See if you can find a pet Halloween costume contest next October... I can almost guarantee you that Ginger and Sandy will be the only Cavy entries!

    1. Bring it on! I'll send it to your blog first thing!

  5. Oh that expression in the first photo is hilarious!

  6. "Basil's Barn" is the perfect name for a children's book series.