Thursday, April 25, 2013

Like a bull in a china shop...

That describes a coned up Darcy in my crowded studio.
Here's (most of) the damage. 
Sigh.  I guess that's a sign.  
It's time to put the camera away...
and get back to work!


  1. Bad dog! Who's unfortunate leg is that ? Or do we get to guess?

  2. You have to guess, and you won't be terribly sad. He's not one of your favorites.


  3. Bad bad it Glambert ?

  4. Those are Glambert's legs. Normally, I would be pleased that the break occurred in a white area, but in this case it worries me. He's a very shaded, creamy off white. I know I can fix the leg, but I'm not sure I'll be able to match the paint. Sigh.

    And to answer Regan's question... Poor Darcy. It seems that in addition to being epileptic and having bone chips in her right knee, she also has slightly malformed female genitalia which makes her prone to infection. She's responding well to medication, but it was really nasty for a while there. This poor dog. It's always something with her.

  5. Poor Darcy!!
    You can just see in her eyes she's saying,
    "Sorry Mamma! I can't help it!"

  6. Well, as I can't bring to mind *who* Glambert was/is, I suppose I should say at least it's not " (insert much more favorite horses' names here)".

    *hugs* regardless