Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Snow prince

It's still snowing.
This is a good thing, at least in regards to Colorado's ongoing drought.  After two dry winters, every additional inch of moisture is cause for celebration.  
Despite that, I have grown weary of the snow.  I miss the sun and warm Spring-like temperatures.  Today might have been very depressing had the mailman not delivered a much anticipated, resin sized box.
This is Nicolo.  He is an Eberl Astor resin painted by Erika Ipes. 
Such a cute face! 
Even Emma is impressed.
There's still more snow in the forecast tomorrow, but I think I'll be ok.  After all, I have a new pony to play with!


  1. Aww! The pups look so happy!
    And WHOA! What a pretty resin!

  2. Darcy and Emma love the snow. They would be happy if it snowed every single day.

  3. I bet they would! :) Oh, Jen I was wondering, do you think I could get away with showing a stone FQH in western pleasure? Thanks!

  4. There are a couple disclaimers, but the short answer is yes.

    Disclaimer number one: He's not a modern stock breed Western pleasure horse. If I was showing him, I would tailor my documentation towards a less typical Western pleasure event such as Ranch Horse Western Pleasure or perhaps 1970's Western Pleasure or the like.

    Disclaimer number two: Even with the best documentation ever, he might not be good enough to win. It all depends on the totality of your set-up, the judge and whatever else is on the table.

  5. Thank you so much Jen!! I'll let you know how he does in June. :)

  6. Love that "inscrutable face" on Darcy! (I think)

    Handsome new horsey, too. In what events will he be shown?

    Thank goodness the snow seems to be over here in STL, but we're currently drowning in gallons of rain. Wish I could save some up for July and August...

  7. Yep, that's Darcy! ;)

    The new horse is a Freiburger which is a Swiss ride and drive breed. He would be a fun performance horse (they show them in Western!) but I have SO many good performance horses. It's likely he'll just do halter, at least for the foreseeable future. His first owner put him in the Other Draft class, but I think I'm going to try Carriage Breed instead.

    The snow has finally stopped and the sun came out. It's still cold (low thirties) but at least it looks warm! I just got back from the barn. It was too muddy to ride, but between grooming, grazing and hand walking, I managed to blow a couple (good, happy) hours. Now it's back to work!