Monday, April 15, 2013

Playing with inside horses

Typically, March is Colorado's snowiest month.  This year, however, I think April is the champion!
Fortunately, today's plans were all about the inside horses.  My friend, Teresa, came over for a visit, and we had a nice time talking and showing each other all our new goodies.
Teresa is debuting a couple new performance horses this year, one of which is this Saddlebred.  I love his rider doll by Anne Field!
I also really enjoyed seeing Breyer's new Totilas model.  What a wonderful addition to their traditional scale line-up! 
While he was here, I was sure to take some measurements.  Now I have no excuse not to make Tiffany that in hand harness.
All in all, this was a near perfect way to start the week, but...  maybe the rest of the week could be a bit less snowy?  Please?


  1. It was a great day to stay in and visit.

  2. I wish I had hobby friends who lived near enough to visit. :(

    1. Same here. I am a bit new to the tackmaking and such, and I would love to have a breyer friend near me. My BFF is a breyer girl, but she lives in NC.