Monday, April 8, 2013


I did a little research on the Denver Zoo's two new Somali wild asses.  It turns out that they are half brothers named Kalifa and Kamowa, and they came to Denver from the San Diego Wild Animal Park last August.  By all appearances, they've settled in nicely and made themselves right at home.  However, one of them wasn't quite as comfortable as he could have been last Thursday.  Poor guy--he was suffering from a bad case of the itchies.

First, he tried to shake them away.
"When I shake my head really, really hard...
my ears fold over on themselves."
 When that didn't work, he decided to try another approach.
I think...
I've found the solution.  Hurray!"
P.S.  If you spend a lot of time hanging out next to a Somali wild ass enclosure you will hear two conversations over and over and over.  The first is a discussion of why it's ok to use the word "ass" in this particular situation.  The other involves every conceivable "ass" joke.  Poor Kalifa and Kamowa.  I bet they are tired of listening to all that! 


  1. Poor guy. He just needs a scratching post. Love how his ears fold over! :D

  2. Oh man, he is so cute. I just want to hug him.

  3. Thank you for calling it WAP (albeit unknowingly)!! It opened as that, though it changed it's name, not too long ago, to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park; clearly, that's ridiculous. All of us locals still call it WAP, and it added a smile to my day to see someone else call it that as well. :P

    Also, those ears!!!!

  4. Now that's a fine looking Ass... Sorry had to say it.

    1. See? That's a perfect example of the sort of comment you hear over and over and OVER when you stand outside the Somali wild ass enclosure!