Thursday, March 26, 2009

TWH Tack

Despite having lived in Tennessee for seven years, I know next to nothing about Tennessee Walking Horses. Because of this, I was thankful when a recent order for "Big Lick tack" came with this information sheet. I love it when customers make my job that much easier!Here's the finished set. The horse is a customized Breyer showjumping Warmblood. He was made by Joyce Savage who was also the author of that very helpful information sheet. Sue Peet is the lucky owner of both the horse and tack. Close up of the bridle. I'm especially pleased with the shiny colored browband. It was made by dry brushing several layers of acrylic paint onto the leather and sealing with leather finish and a top coat of Jewel-It.
I altered my usual saddleseat pattern to more closely resemble Joyce's reference picture. The changes were all fairly subtle, but I think they combined to give the saddle a more elegant look. I'm not sure how the stirrup iron got bent like that. Rest assured, I've reshaped it since this picture was taken!
Hope you like it, Sue!


  1. Beautiful!! I especially love the bridle :-)

  2. Completely jealous! Jealous of the horse, tack, whol package! It does give me some good ideas for that jumper though (it's so easy to alter breeds on it with different head/neck combos even though you'd think it would be limiting. Now to actually get a body.....

  3. I love it Jennifer and it's set to be shown for the first time soon...wish me luck!!! Sue

  4. Good luck, Sue, and take LOTS of pictures!!