Sunday, March 22, 2009

Central Colorado Expo--Performance Pictures

I had a great time yesterday at the Central Colorado Expo! I'm sure everyone in the show hall was tired of listening to me cough, but it did feel good to be out and about, among friends and surrounded by lots and lots of pretty plastic horses.

Overall turnout for the show was high, but as is often the case in Colorado, the performance division was quite small. I did my part to boost those numbers by showing in all three performance divisions. This a a picture of my trusty old Linda Lima mule resin, Balthazar, competing in the Other Performance class. He won third place with this Endurance setup.New shower JerryLynn Rice entered this harness entry in the Other Performance class.Regan O'Keefe's Portuguese entry (tack by me) was fourth in Other Performance.
Balthazar won the roping class with this entry. Close up of his tack. I made the bridle, tie down, pad and skid boots. The saddle and breastcollar are by Margaret Teller and Corinne Ensor made the Sports Medicine Boots (which are not very well adjusted--my bad!). This is my other Western performance competitor. Dun Up Purdy is a Breyer Zippo Pine Bar customized with an all new head by Tiffany Purdy. He is wearing a saddle by Margaret Teller, a bridle and breastcollar by Susan Bensema Young, pad and reins by me, and a doll by Darla Curtis. I also made his Western Riding props.
Balthazar won the Other Western class with this natural trail entry. Alaina Richardson (Bookshelf Barns) made the props. We had run out of room on the show table, so this was set up on a nearby piano!
Sheila Anderson Bishop's Carlito resin Surprise in the Gymkhana class.
Close up of Surprise's bridle. This was made by Jacquee' Gillespie, and everything about it is amazing. The reins are spun Alpaca wool and the bit is handmade by Jacqee'. Check out those knots! Such a cool, cool piece...Dun Up Purdy won the Gymkhana class with his egg and spoon set up. Note the broken eggs!
Teresa Buzzell's egg and spoon entry. Her pretty Phoenix resin was painted by Kirsten Wellman.
Balthazar's apple bob gymkhana entry. This came in last--oh well, can't win them all!
Purdy in Western trail. I think this was good enough for third. Purdy ended up winning the Western Performance Reserve Championship.Valerie McEntee's amazing Lone Star and his equally amazing bridge won the Western Trail class. This is another entry set up on the piano!Sheila's Surprise, shown here in Western Trail, was the Western Performance Champion.I was almost completely out of steam by the time the English classes rolled around and this is the only picture I took during the entire division. This is my Windfall resin Getaway taking part in the Other English class. His tack is by me and the props are by Alaina Richardson.
Getaway is always a superstar. He was Champion of the English division and Overall Performance Champ. I probably ought to retire him and find another horse to show in English, but he's just so darn fun and versatile!
Stay tuned for Halter pictures!

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