Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Well, I'd planned to do a whole post about hobby goals for 2009, but it's just not happening. The kids and I went to see Marley and Me today. My poor old Abbie dog has had a rough week and the sad ending hit a bit too close to home. We were all in tears when we left the theater and this evening has been a series of serious conversations about death and dogs. I am emotionally exhausted and since the kids are planning to stay up until midnight, I'm preparing to be physically worn out as well!So I've decided to limit myself to discussing my number one hobby goal for the year, and that is to step outside of my comfort zone. I do not want to make 34 English saddles in 2009. I want to make at least one Western saddle and a sidesaddle of some sort and a Mexican saddle and a Portuguese saddle and... Well, you get the picture!
I have made some of these things before, but none recently and I think I could do a much better job now. So 'round about June, if I have not posted pictures of something other than an English saddle or a harness, please do send me a link to this posting!


  1. Can you resolute to make all those nifty saddles for me?! hehehe. I'll pay! :)
    Yeah, they really need to make a warning for that movie. I knew what it was about from the novel, but it's not a "family-feel-good-take-the-kids" type of flick, even though they advertised it several times that way.

  2. They advertised that movie during Saturday morning cartoons! That's why we went. The kids were quoting the commercials and telling me how much they wanted to go. I did know that Marley died at the end and I told them that before we went so that we would be prepared. It really didn't help, though. That was just Tearfest 2008--sheesh! No more sad dog movies for me.

  3. I heard about Marley from my daughter and decided I better not see it.. About the saddles, though, I LOVE the Charro saddle and if nobody else wants one I do! Perfect for my Azteca :-)