Monday, December 22, 2008

House keeping notes from a kitchen table tackmaker

If you spill leather dye on the counter, it can be removed with cleanser and elbow grease. However, if you spill dye on your linoleum floor, it's going to be there forever.
Maybe if I put the dog bowl on that spot, no one will notice...


  1. I know what you are going through because I did the same when my in-laws would visit. But really, you are a very talented craftsperson and have much more important things to do than housework!!

  2. my dad was working on a model car kit that you put together and paint yourself. Stupidly he was trying to paint lying down with a wooden cutting board on his great big belly. I saw it coming. Thought "This is an accident waiting to happen". Sure enough the board slipped and the black permanent paint bottle dumped onto our pristine eggshell toned carpet just DAYS before we were about to start showing our house for sale. My dad actually began to sob while he tried in vain to clean it. I was so weirded out by seeing my dad cry that I walked right on into the bathroom when my mom was using it and told her what happened. Luckily we magically, miraculously managed to remove all trace of paint. Whew!