Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Looking back--DKL 2008

I went to four model horse shows in 2008. Three were specialty shows in Heather Roell's Redline Revival series. The fourth was the Devilish Kokopelli Live which is held in Golden, Colorado every May. This is probably the biggest live show in our area and it's one of my favorites. Heather and Teresa do a really good job of bringing in judges from other areas and the classlist is huge with ten different divisions. It's the total opposite of a specialty show!

This year, though, I almost skipped it. I was going through a little bit of hobby burnout and just didn't feel up to making the effort. I missed the deadline for a reduced "early bird" entry fee and figured that was that. However, a scribe position opened up at the last minute and I had a change of heart. So glad I did! I didn't show performance, since scribing keeps you far too busy for that. Instead I just concentrated on helping my judge, putting my horses on the table and having a nice, low-key time.

I did not take nearly as many pictures as I usually do, but here are a few that are worth sharing. Of course, I always have to start with a picture of my messy table.This Donna Chaney Clydesdale resin has been painted to represent an American Cream Draft.A lovely Lynn Fraley Koko resin.This is a Scarlet resin customized and painted by Stephanie Michaud, who is one of the hobby's premier oil artists.This cantankerous mule is a Lynn Fraley Tuesday resin.Shazaam resin sculpted by Carol Herden. I really like her mules and would love to own one someday.The mustang class was especially competitive. This Bosco resin is an excellent example of Sheila Anderson's very detailed finishwork. I really like the way she paints roans.There were several Stormwatch resins in attendance. This wild pintaloosa was painted by Cindy Williams.Another Stormwatch, this one from Stephanie Michaud's studio. I believe his name is Dokken. I took a lot of photos of this one.
That face!
Even though I was really busy with showing and scribing, I did find time to wander over to the performance ring every now and again. I really like this team roping set-up by Lu Heater.
Lu is really good at the details. I like the horn wrap on the steer.

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