Saturday, December 27, 2008

Alive and well

Hope everyone had as nice a Christmas as I did. My parents in law have come and gone and the visit was a big success, messy house and all. The boys were pleased with all their gifts,especially since they had their Papa to help them figure out the electronic toys.
Dinner was delicious for both humans and dogs. Abbie really enjoyed her edible card.Of course the best part of the holiday was spending time with family. Too bad most of us couldn't keep our eyes open in the pictures!
My big Christmas gift was a new-to-me laptop which I am slowly figuring out. It arrived just in the the nick of time as someone seems to have downloaded a virus on to my trusty old desktop. I am reasonably optimistic my husband will be able to restore my saved files and pictures, but that is the main reason this blog has been quiet for the last couple days.

I'll get back to talking about model horses tomorrow--I promise!

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  1. You will LOVE having a laptop! Mine is indispensable. It sits right by my work table and is ready to do research on all the time. Very glad you have one!