Sunday, December 7, 2008

How to saddle a horse

I have two blogs. In addition to this one, I also have a photo blog which serves as my on-line photo album. Its entire content is pictures I've taken and pictures that have been taken of me over the last 39+ years. That blog is probably only interesting if you are related to me or know me personally. Mostly it's pictures of my family, my kids, my dogs and places I've been. There is a link to it in the Blog List on the right hand side of the screen, but really, it's not terribly interesting most of the time.

However, I'm not feeling inspired or creative today, so I'm just copying a posting I made on the photo blog a couple weeks ago. Apologies to everyone who's seen this before! All these pictures were taken in the summer of 1989 when I was working as a wrangler at the Don K Ranch guest ranch in the mountains outside of Pueblo, CO. I spent a couple summers working at guest ranches while I was in college and it was a really a great experience. I am always telling my 15 year old riding buddy that she should do the same when she's a bit older... Bet she's tired of hearing that, but those were the best summers, and I do think these pictures are funny.

So, here we go--This is a lesson in saddling a horse from the Don K Ranch class of '89. Each saddle should be carefully matched to the size of the horse.It's never too early to start saddling babies.Do not overtighten the cinch.
Sometimes it takes two people to saddle a horse properly.
Gina and Debbie are working hard to get Diablo's saddle just right.
Tada! A perfect fit!For those who care about these things, the horses in the pictures are Maestro (chestnut butt), Peanut Butter (red dun kiddy horse), Pee Wee (buckskin yearling filly who was saddled but not ridden--please do not send this photo to Fugly Horse of the Day!!), Sioux (possibly the stupidest horse ever) and Diablo (who could be counted on to colic if she was ridden two days in a row.)


  1. Hahaha, this post makes me laugh every time!! Just to let you know, I am posting this mainly with the intent of entering the Reader Appreciation raffle :) Thanks!

  2. Gotcha, Alex! No need to specify that it's a contest entry. They're ALL going to be contest entries for the rest of the month.


  3. This is so funny! lol!