Saturday, April 30, 2022

Dental day

In addition to being home disaster month, April was also Buxton animal health care month. Three of our four pets saw the vet for their yearly vaccinations.
Darcy and Piper's check ups were uneventful, but Olive needed a second appointment to get her teeth done. She was not fully on board with this decision and staged a protest outside the examination stall. We let her have her moment, then sedated her in the barn aisle.
Once she was compliant, she was moved to the stall and placed in the padded halter and speculum. The vet examined her mouth...
and found wolf teeth! These tiny premolars can interfere with bit placement and are often removed before a horse starts training under saddle. Since Olive's aren't bothering her, we decided to leave them in place, at least for now.
Once the exam was over, it was time to fix those teeth. At this point, Olive renewed her protests. The vet gave her a second dose of sedative, and she after that, she was was completely cooperative.
Also, completely drunk.
All horses act drunk after a dental, but that second dose hit Olive hard. 
She was full-on, blackout, gonna-have-so-many-regrets-tomorrow drunk.
Like any good friend, I couldn't resist taking a whole series of blackmail photos.
Teresa took this one. I think we look like two drunk girls holding each other up after a long night of partying!
Speaking of Teresa, here she is with a slightly less drunk Olive. It took more than an hour and a half for Olive to sober up. That's a long time, and I really appreciated having a friend to talk to while I waited.
The next day Olive was back to her usual spicy self.
Despite her protests, I know Olive is much happier now that her dental issues have been addressed. And now that my animals have been cared for, I can go back to spending money on the house.

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