Thursday, April 28, 2022

Happy birthday to us

Yesterday was Ryan's twenty second birthday. We cleared out the dining room - no small feat since everything is still upstairs - and celebrated with take out kabobs from Ryan's favorite Greek restaurant.

Does anyone else's dog sit at the table? No, just ours?
This is a Brockamp Special Bareback Pad. Made from Italian suede and anti-slip neoprene, this pad uses a short dressage-style girth and is anatomically designed to stay centered on the horse's back. 
I would have preferred an olive shade, but this pad is absolutely beautiful.
Of course, I had to take a test ride. I am happy to report it is every bit as comfortable as advertised. I look forward to many years of sitting in it!
No one was around to take a photo so I tried - unsuccessfully - to improvise with a window reflection
Happy birthday, Ryan, and happy birthday presents to Olive and me. That was a fun day.


  1. Birthdays are wonderful. :) Yes, that shade looks very good on her: Sage, with a touch of turquoise. Western!

    1. Brockamp calls it Forest Green, and even though this is very much a European pad, it would look super cute paired with a Western headstall.