Saturday, March 26, 2022

Two good rides

This week was filled with complications, and Lilie didn't get as much saddle time as we had hoped for. Still, we were able to end the week with two good rides on two good ponies. 

Olive is still pretty green, so I got on her first. We had a good, short ride, then I handed her over to Lilie.
Lilie wanted to try trotting her. Out of an abundance of caution, we started on the lunge line. That went well, so I cut them loose.
Look at them go!
Good pony, good kid.
Oh, Olive. You're so weird.
So proud of them.
After we were done with Olive, it was Thunder's turn.
This good little Rocky Mountain Horse was Lilie's main mount this week.
Even though he's gaited, he does trot under saddle.
It's a pretty good trot, too.
Look at them go!
Lilie had a picture on her phone of her trotting Thunder over a pole in 2019. It was a really bad picture, one I would have deleted immediately. She told me that picture has haunted her for years, and she wanted a do-over. I'm so glad we were able to accomplish that.
Since things were going so well, we decided to push our luck just a little.
Woo hoo!
What a fun morning!
Things may not have gone according to plan this week, but it was still a pretty great week. I am so grateful to have spent it with my favorite niece and these two good ponies.

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  1. Ooooo Thunder--*please* let Jennifer know that I apologize for confusing you with your other stable mate Cisco(I don't know what I was thinking!)
    While you ARE a most handsome fellow and DEAD RINGER for my new favorite model,hmmmmm-I'm not sure if your breed would be a match for him after all(sorry--no offense meant to you!)
    *Sure--you can trot--but would Jennifer let you rear??(I think NOT!!) Also--now I have to come up with another name!!
    How nice that you were able to give everyone a ride despite the cold wind!! Make *sure* they gave you a nice treat and rundown as well!
    Say "hello" to your mare friend OLIVE for me!