Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Equefest 1989

Corina's photos got me wondering. When was the last time I went to Equefest? I found the answer by flipping through my old photos. December 1989. Wow, that was a long time ago!
Jennifer at Equefest, December 1989
At the time, I was a twenty year old college student attending Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado. I'd gone home to California for winter break, and my best friend, Trisha, joined me for part of the time.
Trisha and I in my parents' backyard with Liseter Funny Face and BackdoorMan
It was a fun and busy week.
Elliott and Cherokee
We went to the beach,
the zoo,
and Santa Barbara.
We hiked in Eaton Canyon...
Trisha and Sally
and rode in the Angeles National Forest.
Trisha on Elliott
Also, we went to Equefest.
Those were the days of film cameras, so I only took a handful of pictures...
and most of them were bad.
Still, I'm happy to have them.
My mother lives in Southern California, so it's possible I'll have another chance at Equefest. Hey, Corina! Do you want to go next year?


  1. You named your model horse "Back Door Man"?! I'm intrigued - did you know at the time what it meant?? ;O)

  2. It's not dirty. He's named after an old Blues song that was recorded by both the Doors and Howlin' Wolf. A lot of my horses, then and now, are named after songs.