Friday, September 7, 2018

Friday favorites

Like so many horse crazy girls of the pre-internet era, I grew up obsessed with horse magazines. 

At first, I was completely indiscriminate in my selections. Horse & Rider, Western Horseman, Classic, Horse Illustrated, Equus, Saddle & Bridle, Bloodhorse, Just About Horses... I had all of these. If there was a horse on the cover, that was good enough for me.

Things changed midway through my teen years. My focus turned almost exclusively to hunters and jumpers, and my subscriptions reflected that. Practical Horseman, the Chronicle of the Horse, Horseplay and Horses. These were the magazines that went with me to college and fueled my dreams of living on the A show circuit.

Like the internet, The Plaid Horse did not exist back then. 

If it had, I have no doubt it would have made my subscription list. With its gorgeous photos, timely articles and robust social media presence, it might have even toppled Horses for the top spot on my favorites list.
This is why I am ridiculously happy to report that five of my photos are included in the September issue of The Plaid Horse. You can read the entire magazine here...
but here's a link to pages seventy two and seventy three, which are clearly the most important part of the entire magazine. 
The adult me knows it's just a few pictures in a niche magazine, but my inner twelve year old is squeeing in delight. Thank you, Plaid Horse. This made my day!


  1. Was this part of the photography job you had?

    1. These are just pictures I took because I was at the Grand Prix and I always take pictures. I posted them here and on Facebook, and a friend who works for the Plaid Horse asked if they could use them, too.


  2. I like this magazine because it's where Laura Mauldin went. (She moved to Texas) I wish there were a way to pick out only her articles.

    1. As it turns out, you can search by author! (I learned this on accident a little while back LOL)