Friday, September 21, 2018

Guanella postscript

Yesterday, Seth, Emma and I drove up to the top of Guanella Pass and came home on the Georgetown side of the mountain.
Georgetown is one of my very favorite mountain towns, so we spent a few hours there. Our first stop was a dog friendly restaurant.
Emma was feral before I adopted her and is still fearful around people she doesn't know. She used to really hate this kind of public appearance, but she did great yesterday. She especially enjoyed her English muffin! 
After our meal, we went shopping. Seth hit the candy shop and I went to the miniature store. 
I bought a watering can mostly because it was less than a dollar... 
but the real find was this tiny hedgehog. 
She is so cute, but I'm worried the cats are going to get her. 
Don't worry, little hedgehog. We will keep you safe!
I wonder how difficult it would be to make a 1:9 scale exercise wheel...


  1. For a hedegehog? Not hard. They require a solid wheel, so they do t have tiny bars like a hamster wheel.

  2. I loved Georgetown when I visited it. Great restaurants and shops.