Monday, September 17, 2018


I was determined not to let my allergies get the best of me, but then I caught a cold, too. For days on end I was unable to do anything more strenuous than lie on the couch and watch the World Equestrian Games on tv. It was pitiful.

Fortunately, yesterday was better. I spent most of the day catching up on house things - Ugh, so much laundry! - but I also found my way to the barn.
I didn't have a lot of energy for riding, so we went around the ring a few times, and then I turned him for a roll.
He liked that.
Allergies aside, I've really enjoyed my time with Thunder. He's a personable little horse and so much fun to ride.
And as much as I believe good horses come in all colors, I can't ignore the fact that's he's a really cool color...
Especially right now, with all his seasonal dapples blooming!
Model horse hobbyists love unusual colors, and silver buckskin certainly qualifies as such. Because of this, I've been taking lots and lots of pictures of him...
Today has been another day of catching up on home stuff - Ugh, so many bills! - but tomorrow, I look forward to going on a real ride. My time with Thunder is drawing to an end, and I want to make the most it while I can.


  1. I know how all that laundry feels. And to catch a cold. But isn't he the coolest color! - thanks for all the peeks.

  2. What a gorgeous color! Thanks for sharing, and glad your feeling better. :)