Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Allergy assisted research

Yesterday I suffered through the worst allergy attack I've experienced since I moved to Colorado. It was an absolutely miserable day, made tolerable only by the all day live coverage of the World Equestrian Games in Tryon, North Carolina. The featured events were Paralympic Dressage and Vaulting. There were hours and hours and hours of vaulting. And I watched all of them.
When I was eight, my parents sent me to a day camp with a horse program that included vaulting.
Because I was obsessed with all things equine, I gave it a try. 
It didn't take. 
It turns out, I was far more interested in actually riding a horse than trying to do gymnastics on it.
This sums up my life long experiences with Vaulting. Because I am still obsessed with all things equine, I will watch it whenever it crosses my path.
However, it's never been a serious area of interest.
Earlier this year, I made a set of vaulting tack for Anne Field. This required a fair amount of research on my part, but that was nothing compared to what I learned about vaulting yesterday. Yesterday was a vaulting master course. 
I learned all about the compulsory exercises, what they are and how they should be performed.
I took notes on the arena set-up,
and tack.
I still wouldn't classify myself as a vaulting expert, I think I am now one hundred percent capable of showing and judging model horse vaulting. All it took was a little bit of research... and a really good allergy attack!


  1. It's funny how useful being sick can be. Still I'm not recommending it... get well soon!

  2. I am glad I was able to get something out of the day. It was a total loss otherwise.