Monday, September 17, 2018

MIB mentoring program

I love having kids in the show hall. Truly, nothing makes me happier than seeing kids dusting their halter horses, tacking up their performance horses and playing with all their horses on the floor. 
Unfortunately, model horse shows can be very unwelcoming to new showers, especially youngsters. Everyone is busy, and people are so excited to spend time with their old friends that they often forget to reach out to newcomers. Also, there is the very real fear that young children will bump tables filled  with valuable models. It's not uncommon for  newbies to walk away from their first show feeling confused and alone.

This is why I absolutely love the new the Mares in Black's new Mentoring Program, which pairs up old and new hobbyists. In today's guest post, Heather explains how this innovative plan will work.

The Mares in Black Mentoring Program

by Heather Malone

The model horse hobby as we know it has a youth and novice problem. In many ways, we always have. There is a wealth of knowledge to be passed on to new and young showers, to get them involved and excited about showing, judging, art and volunteering! Older hobbyists lack understanding about what younger hobbyists want and how they get their model horse hobby information.
MIB wants to span the gap!
The Mares in Black are committed to welcoming future generations of model horse enthusiasts into the fold! On the Mares in Black mentoring page you will find established hobby members looking for someone to coach. Showing, judging, painting, sculpting, performance, collectibility and customizing are all hobby areas where we have experts! For novices or young hobbyists, these are areas in which you can get instruction and help from one of our experienced mentors, near or far. If you are an “oldster" that wants help with YouTube and social media, the younger hobbyist are here to help YOU! Please consider volunteering. Be the change you want to see. Contact us at to be a part of this program.
What a great idea, Heather and Jackie. Please add me to your mentoring list!

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