Friday, August 15, 2014

Big and little, part two

After Spring Fever's first mother died, a giant teddy bear was placed in his stall to keep him company.
Despite our best efforts, he never took to it...
and eventually...  
it became a play toy for some of the geldings.
Despite some initial misgivings, 
and Gunner have really warmed up to the big guy.  Gunner even gives him rides around the paddock!
When Tiffany sent her epic box last May, she included a traditional scale "giant" teddy.  Unlike his real life counterpart, little Spring Fever really, really likes cuddling with his bear.
Meeka likes it, too... 
 as does Rat Bait.
Recently, however, my oldest Purdy horse has laid his claim to the teddy's affections. 
Here's Dun Up Purdy doing his best Gunner impression!
Well, that was fun.  Now it's back to work!


  1. Cute! (Both the real horses and the models!)

  2. I need to get the latest ones done so they can join the fun!