Saturday, August 30, 2014


Tiffany sent this progress photo, complete with a creepy sweet note from Jose, a couple days ago.
Any normal person would have been delighted, but like Snickers, I am a knot-head.  I couldn't warm up to that extremely vertical headset.  Snickers was a such an opinionated pony.  Even when she was on her best behavior, that nose was out at least a little bit.  
I played around with it in Photoshop, and then I broke the news to Tiffany:  Snickers needs to be decapitated.
Fortunately, Tiffany is as awesome... 
as Jose is creepy.
I like this so much better.  That four degrees really makes a world of difference!
Sorry about being such a knot-head, Tiffany.  
Snickers and I will try to behave better from here on in!


  1. Snickers might be a knothead, but Jose is a hookhead. What is with that piece of wire in his noggin? Love the Jose posts BTW.

  2. im always amazed (in the very best way possible) at the number of decapitated ponies i see on this blog. lol please never stop!

  3. I think you're going to be happy! I saw Snickers at a live show yesterday and not only is she gorgeous in person, she was also the overall performance champion!

    Sorry if I ruined the surprise lol!

    1. You haven't ruined the surprise. Tiffany was updating me via Facebook from the show hall. As soon as Snickers won the Championship, she started angling for an increase in the trade value. Ha ha!


    2. Haha! I figured she was going to try something like that... sneaky Tiffany!