Saturday, August 23, 2014

Weekend project

If I go to NAN next year, I want to show Jennibray in all three performance divisions.  She's qualified in English and Other, but not Western.  A big jumping mule isn't an obvious choice for most Western classes so if I want this to work, I will have to be creative.

Which brings me to this weekend's project...
I started with a mailing tube, aluminum foil and wire...
and then I added lots and lots of epoxy.
Extreme cowboy trail here we come!

(And--knowing my friends--let the big horny ass jokes begin!)


  1. I was going to make one of these props, too! Super cool with the mule. Go Jennibray!

  2. Hi my name is Ava and I I am a model horse crazy 11 year old girl. I looooooooooove your blog. And your tack is Amazing. I all ways look foreword to your posts.
    -Ava the one the only the awesome ������

  3. Sorry about one and only awesome thing my brother was messing with the IPad

    1. Ha ha! I know someone who signs his name "James is Awesome" so I was completely unoffended!


  4. very cool idea. go Jennibray!