Tuesday, August 19, 2014

WEF jumper jumps, part two

World Equestrian Festival Jump Study, Part Two

by Lauren Mauldin

Now that we've looked at the jumps in the Equitation and Amateur rings, it's onward and upward to the International Ring!

International Ring - This is the ring where you'll see the Grand Prix and all the pro classes.  These horses and riders are the best of the best, and they get the most interesting jumps!

Rolex is always a classic.
Notice the standards - one is higher than the other.
Airy butterfly oxer. 
GIANT champagne standards.
Unique standards and fill.
WEF logo oxer.
 Gazebo vertical.
Keep your hunter flowers for jumper jumps!  Just put them beside the standards and not in front of the jump.  No matter what level, this is a major rule to remember when building jumper jumps.... no ground lines!  That means no poles and no "fill" on the ground like you find in hunter jumps.  
Unique standards with liverpool... plus notice the USA jump in the background?
I hope at least one performance guru out there found this helpful!

Note to Jen--if you want a hunter version, I can do that too!

Note to Lauren--yes, please!

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