Tuesday, August 19, 2014

World Equestrian Festival jumper jumps

Not only is Lauren Mauldin one of my favorite bloggers, she is also one of my favorite blog photographers.  Today's two part guest post features lots and lots of pictures from the jumper rings of the Winter Equestrian Festival (WEF) in Wellington, Florida.  Propmakers take note--I can't wait to see some of these jumps in the model horse performance ring!

World Equestrian Festival Jump Study 

by Lauren Mauldin

Although I no longer show or collect models, sometimes I can't rid myself of the performance shower mindset.  I found myself snapping a lot of photos of interesting jump standards at the Winter Equestrian Festival last year, and I realized that these pictures might come in handy as reference photos for prop makers and performance showers!

In the elite hunter/jumper world, there is actually a lot of difference between rings and levels when it comes to jump looks and standards.  For example, there is usually a very airy jump (lots of space in-between the poles) in tough courses, because it tends to make horses give a second look.  To keep these differences in mind, I divided the following photos into three sets:

Equitation Ring - Equitation courses tend to have the difficulty and styles of jumps that jumper courses do, but they run with the grace and pace of a hunter course.  I'm not sure where equitation falls in the model horse world, but if you have a braided hunter type horse you want to sneak it into the jumper class... you may be able to use an equitation reference?

This was actually a decoration and not a jump.  Riders had to maneuver around it to make a tight turn... fun addition to your setup?
Notice this has no poles, just some collapsible blocks.
 Here's a sponsor jump in the eq ring.
These giant U-jumps are becoming more popular in equitation and hunter derby rings. (Note from Jennifer: I need one of these.)
Amateur Ring - Amateur jumper divisions at rated hunter/jumper shows are anywhere from roughly 3'0" to giant (1.30m+).  Depending on the show you may see more simple standards in the amateur ring.  At WEF, they tend to be more towards less spectacular... so if you have a lower jumping model or want to build a functional but not OMG jump - these are for you.

Lowest, starter jump... 2'9" Schooling Jumper.
Another baby jump.
Fun sponsor child/adult jump.
From a Junior Jumper classic.
Another Junior Jumper classic jump.
Good example of a liverpool (not open water).  From Junior Jumpers.
Another liverpool... you could always make a jump crew doll! 
Unique standards on a junior/AO jump. 
You can make a jump out of your favorite charity!
Stay tuned for part two of this series, which will feature jumps from the International Ring.


  1. Saved, saved, saved! Thanks so much for sharing these, the jump idea folder always needs new fodder! Can't wait to see part 2.

  2. Wonderful, wonderful post.
    Thanks for all the great eye candy - jump style!

  3. great photos Lauren! i'd LOVE to see some of these jumps show up in miniature scale or in the next live show recap :)

    I kind of love the boot and puzzle jump standards too lol, though perhaps they are not very versatile as props

  4. I haven't been to the WEF in a couple of years. I guess I'm going to have to grab my camera and make that drive to Wellington in a few months. :-)