Saturday, October 29, 2011

Two seaters

One of the fun benefits of writing a tack blog is that I get a lot of emails entitled "Interesting saddle" or "Have you ever seen a saddle like this?"  Today's post was inspired by RiderWriter who sent a link to this Double Seated Teaching Saddle.  

Here's the official product description:  Specially designed and tested by Jo Cornell, this saddle is the answer in demonstrating young students how to quickly and effectively ride. This double seat teaching saddle is based on a cavalry-style seat that allows the student to sit comfortably and securely in front of the instructor. The pommel is higher keeping the child in position. It is a true double tree; the cantle touches the instructors pommel, forming two distinct, separate units. Two sets of stirrup bars allow each rider to have their own stirrups for stability. 
That is, in fact, the first double seated English saddle I've ever seen.  However, it was just a few months back that this similarly designed Western saddle came across my Facebook feed. It was on consignment at Brighton Feed & Saddlery, but they weren't calling it a "Teaching" saddle...       
Instead, it's a "Date" saddle!
Verna and Roger Allgeier
co-owners of Brighton Feed & Saddlery
I think it would be really fun to build a traditional scale two seater saddle.  It's totally impractical, of course, but wouldn't it be perfect for Anne Field's lovey-dovey cowpokes?
Keep sending the interesting saddle pictures, everyone!  They never fail to brighten my day, and who knows?  Maybe someday I'll actually get caught up on orders and make something "interesting" for myself.


  1. Haha that *would* be perfect for those dolls! :D
    I've never seen saddles like those before. I can't help but wonder if they would cause any problems for the horse? They're interesting though, that's for sure!

  2. My husband looked over and said, "Is that for those extra-long horses?"

    Can't help but think it would interfere with teaching a rider to use the seat effectively! Plus I discovered as a child that riding double makes most ponies more inclined to BUCK!

  3. Those saddles would look GREAT on a Matriarch... (runs and hides)

  4. Totally cool coming from a tack maker, useful? Hmmm...the jury is still out. My horse would not have liked it, she didn't appreciate being ridden double.

    yeah Christie you better run and hide - LOL!


  5. Glad to be of help! ;-)

    (Hint: Next one could be that new Butet. People had a lot to say about it on COTH, it was hilarious!)

  6. I had no idea such a thing existed...

  7. I actually feel kinda terrible that I only take the time to comment on your wonderful blog when there's a raffle going on- how rude of me! I'm definitely going to get into the habit. Eventually ;)
    Anyway, I wanted to let you know that I actually did make a saddle based on the first picture (SM scale), being the type of tackmaker who likes completely silly tack. If only I could find the darn thing I'd send you a picture! Oh, the woes of tiny tack!

  8. I would really love to see a picture of your two seated saddle. It's one of those things I would LOVE to make for myself but probably never will.

    And you're not rude to only comment when there's a contest. I think a lot of people do the same. I will say, however, that bloggers really, really, REALLY like comments. If you enjoy a blog, the best way to encourage the author to keep posting is to leave an occasional comment. Personally speaking, I already get all the encouragement I need. However, I always try to leave comments for other people.