Thursday, October 6, 2011

Everything looks better with tack

Contrary to popular belief, I do not have a lot of horsey decor in my house.

True, the studio and one corner of the basement are bursting at the seams with model horses, but other than that...  Not so much.  My house is almost completely free of framed horse show posters, equestrian themed kitchenware and the like.

So what's up with this thing?
I came home from the barn last week and this fugly little hso had been screwed over the light switch in my studio.

"Really?"  I asked my husband.

His feelings seemed a bit hurt, so I didn't protest any further.  Instead, I decided to embrace the new addition by making him a halter.

You know, now I think he's kind of cute!  It's amazing how much better everything looks with tack!


  1. He really does :) At least your hubby buys horse stuff for you, mine refuses to!

  2. Ha ha! Your hubby has a great sense of humor. I don't have much for horse decor either, just two paintings in the living room, otherwise just cabinets of horses.

  3. Hahaha! He does look better "dressed," but now you need to work on that angry expression. :-)

    I'm afraid I'm one whose home is plastered in horsey decor. If it's not my Secretariat collection, it's my hunting scenes in the powder room, or the giant shelf full of items like my old saddle and boots and my Breyers, or the CW Anderson prints on the BR wall... etc. My family are good sports about it!

  4. PS. I have a horsey lightswitch cover as well, in the aforementioned powder room. But it's china and I made it at a do-it-yourself pottery place and I LOVE it. Makes me happy every time I'm in there. :-)

  5. RiderWriter--I want to go to your house. It sounds awesome!

    I don't have anything against horsey decor. In fact, I would love to incorporate a few horsey elements if I ever really got around to decorating. Right now our decor style is a mix between thrift shop and Craig's List. Sigh.

  6. our house is just COVERED in horsey stuff, from photo's and ribbons won to the show halters mum makes...but of course there is always a model or ytwo out and about as well!!

    i have to say, your wee light switch deco looks so much better with a halter!! which reminds me, i won a western performance set at a live show recently, i haven't got it yet, but i have no idea how i am supposed to keep it!! i have never had any tack before (other than ribbon halters etc), how would you recommend storing saddles/bridles and such???

  7. He looks better with the halter.

    And "the thought was there".

    That's all I could (should) say.

  8. I think it's kind of awesome. Kitschy and playful, and playful is chic right now.

  9. Hey, your wish is my command - you know you are totally invited over next time you guys make it to STL. :-) In the meantime, a little tour of my horsey decorating is in the works one of these days for my blog. It makes me very happy to still be looking at the same CW Anderson prints I had on my bedroom wall as a kid. Hubby gets to have a few bass fishin' things, but the majority is all-equine!