Saturday, October 15, 2011

Pile of Poles Hunters

The Wild Ranch Fall Challenge Hunter/Jumper show held earlier this month at the Colorado Horse Park had an entire ring dedicated to unrated classes for beginning riders.  These ranged from Walk/Trot and Walk/Trot/Barely Canter all the way up to 18" Hunter Over Fences.  Today's photos were taken during the five classes that made up the Pile of Poles Hunter division.
The Pile of Poles division is designed for riders who are just beginning their jumping careers.  Entrants compete over a course of "jumps" that can best be described as two standards with a pile of poles between them.  For safety reasons, the standards do not have jump cups.
The most common gait for this class is a trot...
but a few of the more accomplished riders chose to ride the entire course at a canter.
After the Over Fences classes were completed, everyone came back to compete in the Pile of Poles Hunter Under Saddle and Pile of Poles Equitation on the Flat classes.  
Even though this is a beginner division, lots of the horses were braided...
and most of the riders wore A show type attire.  
(If you look carefully, you can see the tall boots are actually paddock boots and half chaps)
Of course, some kids went a bit more casual...
or, in this case, a lot more casual.
Honestly, this is not a bridle I'd ever expect to see at a big Hunter show no matter what the division!  
It's not the Hunter Derby, but the Pile of Poles division can be a fun way to get a kind looking, slow moving model into the Hunter class.  


  1. Oh Perfect!! I have jump standards and poles, but no jump cups. This will be awesome!!! Thank you so much for sharing.

  2. Very nifty way to use a trotting model over fences!

  3. For a serious hunter type model, I'd much rather see a Handy Hunter trot fence set-up. For something quieter and less athletic, this is a wonderful solution. It's also perfect for people who have lost their jump cups! :)

  4. Excellent - a jumping class perfect for my riding ability!

  5. The last picture: What type of bridle is that exactly?! I've never seen one. Ever...

  6. Iam assuming it's an endurance type halter/bridle with the browband and throatlatch pieces removed.

    It's worth noting that the horse wearing the funny bridle placed second in the Under Saddle class. Although you can't tell from the photos, he was a very good mover. I'm sure the judges wasn't wowed by his tack and turnout, but it didn't affect the placings.

  7. OMG, a hunter class Flick would excel in ;-) (plastic & real) Too cute!

  8. Now I want to see a pile of poles Derby. The bank would be so tiny =D

  9. I have a pair of SM standards that have been just collecting dust for the past six months (mostly because I just didn't want to make the tiny jump cups!). But now they have a purpose in life! Thank you so much!