Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Post weekend show report

It seems like it's been forever since I attended a model horse show, so I was extra delighted to find these pictures in my inbox this morning.  Thank you so much to Kellye Bussey for allowing me to enjoy the Cajun Country Live Show vicariously!
This first horse Kellye's Magnifica Obsession.  He is a Sarah Rose Brioso resin customized and painted by Melanie Miller who also made the mosquero.  Joan Yount dressed the doll, Jana Skybova made the saddlepad and I built the bridle and surcingle.
This was Kellye's Custom/Artist Resin Scene Class entry.   
It ended up winning the red second place ribbon.
No complaints, though--just look at the entry that beat it!
This amazing Cinco de Mayo set-up included two tacked horses, dancers, a band and real music! 
No clue as to the owner of this remarkable entry, but I do think I recognize that saddle... 
Of course, this saddle is familiar to me, too.  This is Kellye's Fantasma showing in the CM/AR Other Costume class.  He is a customized Breyer Alborozo by Mindy Berg and the doll is by Joan Yount.
Arsenio is another member of Kellye's enviable custom showstring.  He is shown winning the CM/AR dressage class with a BCS saddle and Corinne Ensor bridle and pad.  
Rounding out the CM/AR Performance division, this is Wildwood Primrose.  She is a Breyer Stage Mom customized and painted by Angela Giddings.  She was Reserve Champion of the English Performance Division with her BCS saddle and Corinne Ensor bridle. 
Halters aren't actually judged in the Halter division, but it's also worth noting that Primrose's baby won the Overall Reserve Championship in the Breed Halter division with a BCS halter adorning his cute little head.
Last photo--this is from the Original Finish Performance division and it shows Kellye's Amistad winning the OF Other Costume class.
Thanks and congratulations to Kellye!  I never get tired of looking at your beautiful horses!


  1. Oh, WOW such lovely, detailed setups! I love performance showing. <3 That Brioso and his mosquero! *swoon* I wish I hadn't sold my Alborozo all those years ago. I need another one. Sigh.

    Thanks for sharing these!

  2. You should have seen them in person just breathtaking and the set-up with music was making me crave enchildas :)


  3. I think it would have made me crave Margaritas!


  4. I think the Cinco de Mayo entry is Karen Holland's. She was at SouthCon last month. That set-up is awesome in person!

  5. I really like that roan Valentine!! Lovely!!!

    and thanks for following my blog Jen!! :)

  6. The mexicain set up is owned be Karen Holland.

  7. Thanks for the info, Whinnie! That's an amazing set-up and I'm glad to see the owner identified.