Friday, October 21, 2011

Pony spam

Trillium has moved again.  She's now sharing a huge pasture with three other horses.
It's a long walk out there to get her.  Fortunately, she's easy to catch.  I think she's figured out that I always have a carrot in my pocket!
Waiting for the saddle (and hoping for another carrot). 
One of these days I'm going to find somebody to take a picture of me actually riding her.  Until then it's just before and after photos.  This is quiet, droopy lipped post ride Trillium. 
Back in the pasture and poor Trilli has absolutely no idea where her friends were hiding.  The pasture is literally so large you can walk twenty minutes without seeing a single horse.
She called and called... 
and eventually headed off in exactly the wrong direction.  Oh well, at least she's cute!
As an aside, I've never seen a palomino with this much black on her legs.  She also has a black spot on her right side and lots of black hairs in her mane and tail.
Soft, fuzzy autumn dapples.
P.S.  I try really hard not to fill up this blog with a million and one she's so cute it makes me go "Squee!!!!!" pictures of Trillium, but every now and then I just can't resist.  Hope no one minds too much!


  1. You have a right to be proud and happy about that pony - the lady who owns the OTTB I ride gave ma a scare yesterday when she said she had to get rid of ALL her horses, and I can't take the two Thoroughbreds that she considers mine. Thankfully she called me this morning and told me to calm down - she's planning on keeping them as long as she can, so *phew*...I can relax now :D Cherish your horse - you have no clue how long you have with her!! Thanks for sharing the pictures - Pony cuteness is welcome anytime!!

  2. Nope, we don't mind, as long as you put up with photos of OUR animals (wink)! :-) Trillium is so darn cute, I love that one of her calling her buddies. That must be some humongous pasture - good thing she's easy to catch!

  3. Aline referred to it as a 100 acre pasture. I thought she was kidding, but that was before I realized that the wire fence in the distance wasn't the end of it. It keeps going and going and going... I now believe in the 100 acre estimate!

  4. My eyes never tire of looking at adorable horsie photos! I appreciate your sharing them with us. :)

  5. Nothing wrong with Pony Spam! :D She's such a pretty horse too... please keep posting pictures!

  6. Question: just looked at this again, and I'm wondering now if that foot in the foreground of your photo is a little clubby? I never really have known much about that and am trying to learn. If it's just the angle or completely normal I apologize!

  7. You have good eyes, RiderWriter. Trillium does have something funky going on with that foot. Right now she could use a trim, but beyond that, the hoof has almost a triangular shape. If I was thinking of buying her, I would want x-rays from every angle because it's definitely not normal and not the same as the other one. Since she's a lease, I haven't worried over it much. Trillium doesn't seem bothered by it either.

  8. Pony spam is great! Cute pony + Great photography = happy blog reader :)