Monday, October 24, 2011


I love tackmaking and I love writing about tackmaking so most of the time I enjoy updating my blog daily.

Every now and then, however, I get stuck.

In case it's not obvious--this is one of those times.  I still haven't finished Tiffany's saddleseat set.  It's so close, but I just can't seem to get the browband to look the way I want it to.  It's frustrating making the same thing over and over again and right now my studio feels more like a prison than a sanctuary.

Similarly, blogging has become a chore.

Saturday I fought through the writer's block by posting some pictures from my "ideas" file.  It wasn't a great post, but I was still disappointed when it didn't get any comments.  I know I shouldn't care about stuff like that, but I do.

Yesterday, I decided to avoid the problem by going for a long drive in the mountains with my family.  That was a lot of fun, but unfortunately it did nothing to awaken my creative muse. 

So today I had to try something different.  I decided to make something really easy that was not related to Tiffany's set.  This is what I came up with:
It's no masterpiece--and neither is this whiny post!--but at least I'm trying...

Maybe tomorrow will be better!


  1. I love it! Keep up the superfantabulous work ;)! I know how you feel... I rarely get comments anymore, but still like getting a chance to do some writing once in a while. At least you are more faithful than me at posting regularly ;)...

  2. For what it's worth - I love reading your blog and am always happy to see a new posting, even though I don't often leave a comment. Don't despair!

    And does that halter have gold trim? Very classy!

  3. Jen only you could make a "simple" halter look so fancy! I like comments too but I don't think all that many people read my blog, lol.

  4. The halter is lovely.

    I do enjoy reading your posts, and comment often, but not all the time. I figure I talk too much as it is ;-)

    My horse's blog is not every day... he has a pretty good following according to page hits... yet often there are no comments on posts that I think are fairly funny.

    But *I* still like reading them, so it's worth it I guess ;-)

    Boyfriend invites(neigh, begs;-) everyone to read along =)... and comment ;-)

    OK, desperate, shamless plug over.

  5. lol Bif! and Jen, I enjoy reading your blog and read all new posts, it might take me a couple days to get there, in that case there is up to 3 new ones, but I get there! I don't often leave comments either, I was going to comment on Saturday's post...until the computer jammed up!!

    My blog doesn't get any comments, I would like more people to follow it is my main issue, but it is more a place I can write and share pics if there is anyone cares enough to take a look, so I might as well post a link - it's not all a model horse blog, I post alot about my miniature mare, and there will be more about the horse I have just started riding, one later on today actually (hopefully!)

    but yea, I'm always here, even if I don't post! I do get what you mean though! Lovely halter too! very classy, agreed, only you could make a 'simple' halter look so darn fantabulous!!

  6. I had that problem with an ad last week. Fought the whole damn way.

  7. Just remember....

    You have THE most successful tack-making blog on the planet! It is read and enjoyed by many many more people than just about all the other tack making blogs out there (I have no facts to back that up but I would put mooney on me being right!).

    But at the same time, its not to say that you should be under pressure to write something every day. Yes we may be sad when you're blog doesn't pop up on our dashoards, but that just means we look forward to the next one even more.

    Maybe if you write about your browband problems there may be other tack makers who can help with your problem?

  8. I really like that headcollar, it's snazzy.

    I read every post you make, I just rarely have anything to say. I love reading your blog, you're a great inspiration to me :)

  9. I check your blog every day and it's the most updated blog of any I read, I think - which is what keeps me coming back. Well, that and the wonderful content of course!

    But don't beat yourself up about not posting every day. Sometimes we just need to recharge our creative batteries.

  10. I LOVE reading your blog! If I can only check one thing on my computer for the day, it's your site!

  11. I always check out your blog Jen, and the other tack blogs too! :-)


  12. Sounds like blogger's block. How frustrating! If it's any help, I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog and have learned more through it than JAH magazine. Honestly. One topic, though, that I've been curious about is how you pack your tack to ship? I hate getting creased reins/stirrup leathers and wondered how you go about shipping your work. Just a little blog food there, because I'm honestly interested to know ;)

  13. Ok, now I feel a little sheepish. I check my blogger stats religiously, so I know that people are reading. I really, really do appreciate that. No one is obligated to comment, and I am often amazed at how many comments some of my posts do generate. Most of the time stuff like one comment-less post doesn't matter to me AT ALL.

    But on days when I'm already feeling discouraged... It just makes me feel MORE discouraged!

    Anyway, sorry about the whiney post and thanks for all the encouragement!

  14. I love reading your blog! I know I don't comment much (working on that...) but I do check it every day for updates. I have to agree with all that's been said... and I also agree that your blog is one of the most active or popular in the hobby. I think this is because you make an effort to update practically every day. I'm lucky if I can get one post made up a month!

    Don't be discouraged! Your muse will return soon. (and if you happen to see mine out there somewhere tell it to come back to me... haha)

  15. Sounds to me like Trillium might be in for a long trail ride! :) I think you could use a day off! A nice, long quiet trail ride might be the cure to your sticky spot!

  16. Hey I know all about being stuck ! I have been there and travel there often lol . I think that's why I stick with the mini tack more instant gratification ! I am so not a patient person .
    ~ Rachel

  17. "I do enjoy reading your posts, and comment often, but not all the time. I figure I talk too much as it is ;-)"

    THIS! (Thanks, Bif) The only thing I would change is I LOVE reading your posts. :D I've gone from knowing zippety-doo about model horse showing to at least being somewhat familiar with it, which think is great fun. I never fail to be amazed by the tack you create. I like seeing the photos from both model and real horse shows. And I really enjoy all the Trillium/dog/other updates, too! You do a wonderful job on this blog for all kinds of readers.

    I like Comments, too, so thanks for leaving them over in my neighborhood. :-)

  18. 'I read every post you make, I just rarely have anything to say. I love reading your blog, you're a great inspiration to me :) '

    ^ THIS!


  19. Count me as one who enjoys reading your blog on a daily basis, or whenever I can, but most of the time I don't comment because I tend to get too wordy - lol! I really appreciate all the insight you provide and admire what you do, so let this just be my thank you message. :)