Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Carol Johnson sent me this picture of her Indy "American Pride" winning the Reserve Championship in the Custom Saddleseat class at NAN. I am happy anytime my tack does well at NAN, but this particular placing was perhaps a bit more special than the others. Unlike most of my customers, Carol is not a diehard performance person. She has just about the most amazing resin collection imaginable, and her main focus is the breed and workmanship halter rings. Performance is more of a fun--albeit stressful--sideline. I am so pleased to see someone like Carol be able to step up and win a good prize in the performance ring. After all, those performance pro's can't win everything, right? And now I am going to brag just a little bit more and tell you that two other ribbon winners in this class were also wearing my tack--Melissa Sage's Willowmoor Prince and Tiffany Purdy's Anne Nicole Sugar Pie. Way to go, ladies, and thanks again for making my tack look so good!

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