Sunday, July 5, 2009

Lisa's NAN pictures

Still more pictures from NAN--I feel so fortunate to have been so well represented in Portland this year! This is Lisa Sharpe's Dash of Paint winning a Top Ten ribbon in the Custom Scene Class. I made the tack and Sandy Lyles made the wonderful tote board and race rail.
Of course Lisa's favorite show horse is Adios St Ranger, an Ima Sharpe Cutter resin sculpted and painted by Lisa herself.
Poor Lisa! This is a really cool set up that fell victim to a sticky wax failure. Adios St Ranger placed first on one judge's card. Unfortunately his bit fell out before the second and third judges looked at him, and he failed to place under them. Oh, the frustrations of sticky wax! Still, that one good placing was enough to land him in the Top Ten.
Congratulations, Lisa! Thanks so much for letting me use these pictures.

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