Wednesday, July 8, 2009

New hobby magazines

I know I'm not alone in this: even after all these years, I still miss The Hobby Horse News. I also miss Horsing Around and The Model Horse Gazette, and if you were to dig through my closets you would probably find a few old, dog eared copies of The Equine Miniaturist and TRR Pony Express...

It's been a long time since the hobby has had a really successful magazine published by someone other than Reeves International. Oh, there have been a few short lived start ups here and there, but nothing that has lasted and flourished like the magazines of the past. Recently, however, I've received two promising new titles in the mail, and I am optimistic that one or hopefully both of them will find an audience within the model horse community.Up first is Margeey's Model Horse Journal published by Mona McGraw ( I am impressed with the scope and look of this magazine--the first issue is full of breed profiles, judging clinics and lots of color pictures. This looks like a very nice, general interest hobby magazine.

I am even more excited about the second new offering and not just because the back cover has a picture of Karen Meekma's lovely Belle Grande resin wearing a BCS tack set.Model Horse Performance is the brainchild of tackmaker Shannon Granger ( Billed as "a Magazine for Performance Junkies," the inaugural issue is small but shows lots of promise. I particularly enjoyed the first installment in a multi part series on leather carving. Even more than Margeey's, I hope this magazine will be huge success. To that end, I will be submitting some articles on tack making and performance to MHP. If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, check out MHP's website here: and be sure to tell Shannon that Jennifer Buxton sent you!


  1. I subbed to MHP too and like it as well!

  2. Oh goody! Ill ck them out for sure.. Oh the little model horse magazine out of the uk that is done by utterly horses.. I had thought ( as had others) that they went under but they are still around.. she told me they were focusing more on model horses in the Uk but its still a great little magazine.. I think its like 16 bucks a year or there about. I just re-subscribed and bought the 3 missing back issues.. I think maybe the website was just down or something for-awhile.. search utterly horses and you should find it..( let me know if you cant find the link) I like that its small... I think also 4 times a year too. I hope there 2 new ones make it!
    Rebecca Turner
    Soltice Art Studio

  3. Oooooh, I am so buying a sub to MHP...

  4. I got one too! Gotta support the tack people in this hobby for sure, and you never know when you might learn something new!

    Jennifer, I think you deserve a couple free years for all the subs they are getting from your blog! ;-)

  5. *grin* I "heard" that! Hee hee! Not to worry. She's got at least a few freebies with all the support she's given so far. Thanks for the support and warm fuzzies, folks. Already looking forward to the next issue (October release) - 4 pages more than the first, and it is already 3/4 finished.

    Thanks again!
    Shannon Granger
    MHP Editor