Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Growing like weeds

I just found out that my brother in law, his two sons and their two best friends will be arriving at my house on Thursday... Yup, that would be the day after tomorrow! Of course my house is a total mess so I've spent the afternoon cleaning and stressing. I know it will work out in the end, but right now I'm worrying about where everyone will sleep and planning meals for 8 boys and men.

Thankfully, the day didn't start out stressful. Cara and I went out to the barn and had a nice ride followed by some time with our four favorite foals. Here are the newest pictures, this time from youngest to oldest.
It seems like every picture I have of Houston shows him running away from me. His mama is not a friendly mare, and I can't get near enough to the pair of them to take a nice headstudy or conformation shot. Oh well, at least the running pictures are cute!
Miss Daisy is much friendlier.
This next picture would be even cuter if the flower was a daisy!
Iris has the most beautiful face.
She's a very delicate, girly type foal.Austin is the biggest, the oldest and probably the friendliest.
Here he is sporting a windblown 'do.
And now I've goofed off long enough--must get back to cleaning!


  1. great pics! I love it when you post good ref photos! Im wondering.. how come some are clickable but other snot is there a reason for this? lol just wondering.. I like the bog ones! they come in handy when Im sculpting and need close up tight details! . just LOOVVEE your photos!
    oh and the foals are awful cute too!
    Rebecca Turner
    Soltice Art Studio

  2. It is so funny you ask that because I have absolutely NO IDEA why some pictures won't enlarge. I save them all at a similar size, and it seems totally random to me why some are clickable and some aren't. I'm guessing it's a Blogspot thing that I'm not clever enough to figure out...? In any event, if you ever want a larger version of a specific picture, I'd be happy to email it to you. Just let me know!